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From one-way to the most complex multi-city trips, we aim to build each of your trips “tailor-made” whilst always offering the most competitive journey.
Your comfort is our priority. We curate all of our hotels based on your comfort criteria, our test visits, and our travellers’ feedback. And yes, at a competitive price as well!
Private or shared, we’ve got you covered across the world when it comes to smooth airport transfers. And of course, we will also tell you when it’s better to book an Uber or simply take the train!

We are travellers, just like you!

In 2010, three brothers with a passion for travel made an oath to democratise global voyages. Shortly after, Zip-world was born. Eight years later, more than 10,000 travellers have circled the globe with the services of Zip World.

Zippy is a new offering catered to business travellers,100% and is 100% digital and personalised.As a trusted partner for small and medium enterprises, Zippy tailors each trip to its customers’ needs at the most competitive prices.

We are also a team of travellers committed to the preservation of our planet. This is why we have decided to invest a portion of our profits in environmental projects such as reforestation. Learn more about some of our green initiatives here!.

Zippy Travel Agency
We are green, too

Whilst we understand that travelling is both a need and for most of us a passion, we are conscious that it has a negative impact on our planet. And yes folks, we have no planet B.

Consequently, we have decided to invest a percentage of our sales into positive and green actions.

Did you know?
Deforestation is responsible for about 20% of global warming. Reforestation is a critical part of the solution as a tree absorbs around 15kg of Co2 per year.